1. Hi,

    I am interested in buy a lavalier from you but I want to first know if you have a return policy (in case I don’t like it). Thanks, Chris

  2. Hi
    There are 3 types of response to choose from when buying the microphone – flat, shelved or crisp. I am new to audio. Could you please explain the difference so that I know which one to choose. Thanks, Lorna.

  3. Flat is suitable for sibilance voice or use the mic as in front the mouth like reporters mic.
    Shelved suitable for most of the voice not too bright not to muffled mostly use outside the cloth.
    Crisp suitable for concealed usage as the High frequency reduced of concealing. They are very bright of you’re using outside the cloth.

  4. Hello, i placed an order for a microphone on the 12th of this month, still hasn’t arrived i’m getting kinda worried, when can i expect my microphone?

  5. The noise floor on my mic is too high. I want to return it. I cannot use it. Please write me back.

  6. Hello! ,I’m Thomas from HMNSound.

    Please send the photo of the mic via . Sound sample will be much appreciated. If there’s a problem. I’ll send replacement for you. I’ve tested the mic several time but maybe that’s a bad one.

    Looking forward for your reply

    Thomas Chanon Wangtrirat

  7. Hello.
    I’m interesting in buying your lav mic with the XLR connector.
    Before buying, I’d like to know how long the cable is.
    Thanks so much.
    – Paul

  8. The new lineup will be MicroLav at the same price of Lavalier. Came in 2 lengths, 1.5m and 3m. Please stay tunes for update.